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Weight Management

Keeping a healthy weight or losing some weight has real health benefits. Losing just 5kg (11lbs) will immediately lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and can improve your mobility and reduce aches and pains!

Staying focussed and making the changes long term can sometimes be challenging but don’t lose heart, many of us are in the same situation and getting help from family, friends and colleagues can make it easier.

So whether your goal is about shedding the excess pounds or getting into your jeans, below are services and links that can help you stay motivated or give you some practical support.

Glasgow and Clyde Weight Management Services target people with existing health conditions that will be improved by losing weight. So If you have Diabetes; Heart Disease or have previously had a Stroke and have a BMI of >30 then you can self refer to the weight management service by: calling the following number:

Call:  0141 211 3379 (Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4 pm)

In addition your GP or Consultant may also offer you a referral to weight management services.